Great, what does that mean for me?

We will assess your piece(s). We can start from the photographs that you upload, or we will come to you and take a look. We will consult with you about what you want done. For instance, does it need to match existing pieces, or is this just a great find you made and you want it to look like new! As we work together, we'll sort out what patterns you prefer, what repairs are needed, what fittings and ancillary stuff. Once we are agreed about what to do, we will take away the piece and bring it to our shop.
Once we have done our magic, we will return it to you, at least as good as new, if not even better!

About the Company

Albert Marino senior became an upholsterer literally by accident. He was hit by an upholstery truck when he was 15 and the owner gave him a job at the Diamond Parlor Furniture Company in 1932. He than worked his way up to sample maker for the New York showrooms In 1958, Albert senior started A&J Upholstering Company with his brother, John. Albert Jr., the current owner, began working for his father at the age of nine. His father taught him everything he knows today and to always pay attention to the details. To this day, the shop continues to upholster in old world tradition with a new world flare.

Al Marino

Al actively participates in all the work and prides himself on the personal attention that he gives every piece of furniture.
Locally owned and operated, we pride ourselves on the service, value, and choices that we offer.

Refinishing means…

For us, refinishing means we repair the upholstery covering the piece. Generally, we are trying to either improve a piece, or completely restore and renew the piece. Our specialty is working in wood, but we do have experience working with other materials like glass, plastic, and metal.

About Fabric

We work with a wide variety of both traditional and modern fabrics. We even use vintage fabrics! It all comes down to the needs of the piece and the desires of the client.
One new variant on restoration is distressing a piece. This is where we take a modern piece and actually make it look like it is an antique!


Restoration, on the other hand, can be as simple as a cleaning the piece to remove disfiguring dirt or grime or it may include near complete recovering or replacement. The main goal of restoration is to "restore" the original appearance or functionality of a piece.
We think that Restoring an item properly is an art-form. For instance, it may be possible to keep the original stuffing for an antique piece and repair the straps that prevent the cushion from sagging, or we may need to match a new material to an antique set.

Why not DIY it?

The restoration of valuable objects should always be left to professionals. We're sensitive to all of the issues, ensuring that a piece retains or increases its value after restoration. Plus, whether it is restoration or refinishing, there are a lot of elements that make up an upholstering project, trust us, it gets messy.

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